Through vertically integrating our operations, from seed genetics, to farming, extraction, product development, packaging, to last-mile fulfillment, EVG provides value along every link in the product development chain required for our brand partners to succeed. We are a fully integrated source capable of procuring, producing, and delivering clinical-grade, Certified USDA Organic hemp products that start with an idea and end with customer satisfaction.


Our brand partners bring a hemp-infused concept—a big idea—to us and we turn it into a premium product, package it and deliver it to store shelves and into the hands of consumers.

When Sean Lafferty founded EVG in 2016, his goal was simple. Produce pure and efficacious hemp extracts and products in the consumer marketplace. In the years that followed, Lafferty and his growing team refined the Terpex™ suite of extraction and product development technologies to meet EVG’s abiding goals for quality and customer satisfaction. The consumer appetite for organic, food-grade hemp products would not be satisfied unless EVG built the supply-chain infrastructure necessary to fulfill that demand. The challenge for EVG was clear: establish front-, middle-, and end-market solutions for the hemp industry and partners in brick-and-mortar and direct-to-consumer retail.



EVG also provides supply-chain solutions for its brand partners to deliver their products from the manufacturing floor to the destination. Those fulfilment services are supported by an integrated suite of digital inventory management, logistics tracking, and last-mile delivery confirmation systems. EVG continues to make industry leading hemp extracts and formulated products while also cultivating the beginning, middle, and end markets for the booming hemp industry. EVG brings together the best in farming, genetics, extraction, product development, packaging, and fulfillment to provide comprehensive service for business-to-business solutions.